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Robert Kaner is licensed to practice law in Minnesota and Wisconsin, and has done so for over 25 years, concentrating his interest in personal injury claims and criminal defense.


His office is in Duluth, Minnesota.He has experience in all personal injury claims including but not limited to auto injury, Minnesota no-fault claims, slip and fall injuries, dog bite and other animal attacks, motorcycle injuries, homeowner's claims, fire claims, product cases, class action matters, as well as libel cases and invasion of privacy cases.


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Robert Kaner has built a strong reputation for prompt and effective representation and communication with his clients. He is proud to say that he personally answers the calls coming to his office and meeting his clients at their convenience. He encourages each potential client to ask their friends and acquaintances about his reputation in the community as to his ability and willingness to take on so called "tough" cases. He speaks for the less fortunate and the underdogs against the insurance companies, business corporations, and municipal bodies.  


Each claim has time limits and notice requirements which must be met as soon as possible so as to preserve the client's right to bring the claim. It is important to gather evidence, obtain medical records, get photos of the accident scene and the injuries as soon as possible after the event. An injured person cannot obtain a fair compensation for his injury without legal representation because the person does not have the necessary information to properly evaluate the claim.


Many people are fearful to call an attorney in an injury case because of concern that they will be charged for an evaluation of their claim or be charged for the telephone call. Robert Kaner does not charge for the telephone call or the evaluation. There are no up front fees. The fees in the injury cases come from the settlements obtained. The fees are contingent on the result, and on a standard case are 1/3 of the settlement obtained. If there is no settlement made, there are no fees.


Robert Kaner welcomes phone call questions for no fee or charge at any reasonable time of day or evening.


The insurance companies often attempt to reach quick settlements with the injured persons before the people understand the full extent of their damages. There are several aspects of damage to be considered before reaching the settlement of an injury claim. These include medical bills, wage losses, loss of earning capacity, and general aspects of disability caused by the injury. In addition, in Minnesota, the clients are often totally uninformed as to their rights to what is known as Minnesota no-fault automobile insurance benefits. Also, most clients are unaware as to their rights regarding circumstances when they are struck by an uninsured motorist or an underinsured motorist.  


It is wisest for the injured party to obtain legal advice as soon as possible after the accident. Please contact attorney Robert Kaner at his office number of 218-727-1533 or his cell phone number at 218-343-1345. You can also reach his office staff at 218-727-1534.  


Direct e-mail is atkanerpa@aol.com.